My dance teachers never yelled...except to be heard over the music.

Shortly after somewhat simultaneously delving into both Jennifer Homan's Apollo's Angels and Christina Ezrahi's Swans of The Kremlin, I jokingly exclaimed, "ballet's been cheating death since it's inception!"  Despite any modern day chatter of it being a dying and irrelevant art (the reports of its death have been greatly exaggeratedsince at least the fall of the Russian Empire), and that it is merely an activity for those who lack the Olympian athleticism and grit of competitive sports, the art form is, still very much alive and kicking. Dancers once again enjoy the pop culture spotlight and the art form has been given more athletic clout as is evidenced the ever popular debate question: "is dance a sport?"  By definition that dance is not a game that is regularly scored in some way (be it by points or time records), I prefer to refer to it as "an athletic art," but that's simply my feeling on the matter--the competition circuit h…

RT Documentary: Dance of the Little Swans

RT Doc meets some of the young hopefuls storming the doors of the famous Vaganova Ballet Academy to find out more about the dream they share, and to follow them on their first steps towards achieving it.

Fashion at The Royal Ballet:

As seen on the World Ballet Day Live: Royal Ballet Soloist Olivia Grace Cowley has created a fantastic website dedicated to ballet fashion on the stage and off!
Check it out at
You can also follow Olivia's fashion-filled lifestyle on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

World Ballet Day 2016 Is Here!


Dance Spirit Magazine: Pre-Plié Prep

We’ve all heard it: the chorus of cracking joints that comes with the first plié of class. A lot of dancers treat barre as their daily warm-up, but a ballerina jumping into class cold is kind of like the Tin Man trying to move without his oil can. Conditioning expert and former professional ballet dancer Rachel Hamrick has four pre-barre exercises that will get your body ready for that aggressive dégagé combo.  You’ll need: an FLX ball or a medicine ball

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